• Danner Men's Station Office Boot 6"
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Danner Men's Station Office Boot 6"

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Vendor: Danner
100% Leather
Vibram sole
Full-grain leather upper
Stitchdown construction
Mesh lining
Polyurethane cushioned footbed
Polyurethane midsole
The Station/Office Boot is easy to slip on and off, so it's ideal for cops, security workers, and other uniformed professionals who need to respond at a moment's notice. Highly durable, moisture-wicking spacer mesh lining offers breathable comfort in a non-waterproof package. Durable full-grain leather can be easily polished and is preferred by those in uniform and on special tactical teams due to its durability and ability to be cleaned quickly.

At Danner, they are craftsmen. They pay attention to details. They forgo quantity for quality, with the knowledge that the boots they craft are no better than the hands that create them.
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